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    If you are looking to purchase new revolving doors for your property, then you are in the right place. Here at Edek, we can offer you a wide range of revolving doors to choose from to help you find the perfect option for you.

    Our revolving doors will secure your property utilising the best technology currently available, with features such as turnstiles and locks providing your property with exceptional security, keeping unwanted intruders outside. They are also installed with a variety of safety features to help both the user and the building such as mechanical braking systems, sensors and emergency exit buttons. We offer both automatic and manual revolving door options.

    Another positive of revolving doors is their insulation properties and they provide a terrific option in terms of maximising the amount of insulation for your building. This is great for reducing your energy bills and extremely cost effective. Revolving doors create a seal which prevents hot air from escaping the building and therefore increasing energy efficiency.

    Revolving doors are also easily maintained if regular checks are made. Once installed, they require monthly checks to ensure the door is working properly and that any wear and tear can be repaired. The hinges will need lubrication every six months or so and regular cleaning of the doors should be done using a mild soap and water solution.

    All of our revolving doors are expertly designed, manufactured, and installed to a high standard. Browse our wide selection of revolving doors below and use the form to request a quote. Don’t forget, we can reach your location as we cover a nationwide operation for all your revolving door fitting needs.

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