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    With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to select a material to use for your doors on your property. One material that has grown in popularity over recent years is uPVC – Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Whether your property is residential or commercial, uPVC doors should be on your radar as they offer a variety of positives. You can browse through our wide selection here on our site.

    uPVC is an extremely durable and reliable material and will offer you incredible longevity for your doors. They are strong and resilient and the material will not lose its shape, guaranteeing you a quality frame. uPVC doors are also extremely easy to maintain and cleaning them is a simple task as they can be wiped down without damaging the material.

    They also ensure effective insulation for your property. uPVC doors will keep you warm during the colder periods in the year and cooler during the summer months. Due to their incredible insulation, you will use less electricity to heat and cool your home and therefore spend less on your energy bills over the year.

    Our uPVC doors will offer you safety and security, too, which has to be one of your main priorities when installing new doors on your property. They are built and designed to match and exceed the highest safety and security ratings and our high security uPVC doors will secure your property utilising the best technology currently available, keeping unwanted intruders outside. Furthermore, uPVC is a stable, reinforced material offering you increased protection against chemicals, fire, and pollution.

    As well as being durable, secure, and well-insulated, uPVC doors are extremely customisable, allowing you to choose the exact aesthetic you want for your property. Traditionally white, uPVC frames are aesthetically pleasing and can be customised with various colours and patterns, giving you complete freedom over your design choice and adding a lovely modern touch to your property.

    All of our uPVC doors are expertly designed, manufactured, and installed to a high standard. Browse our wide selection of uPVC doors below and use the form to request a quote. Don’t forget, we can reach your location as we cover a nationwide operation for all your uPVC door fitting needs.

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    uPVC Doors Colours & Finishes

    We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke and customisable experience. As such, our clients can choose from our wide range of colours and finishes, including dual colour options. If you’re unsure what exactly you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch for impartial advice or a zero-fee consultation.


    White Woodgrain



    Chartwell Green


    toughened glass


    laminated glass


    low-emissivity glass


    obscure and patterned glass

    Obscure & Patterned

    wired glass


    georgian and astragal bars

    Georgian & Astragal Bars

    uPVC Doors Glazing Options

    Every property is different, so it makes no sense to treat them the same. As a provider of bespoke fenestration, we stock every glazing type. We can facilitate if you’re looking to add single, double, or triple glazing to your properly. Contact us today to discuss your needs and book a free consultation.

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